Raptor Experience

 Have you ever wanted to get close to an eagle? Learn to work with a hawk? Spend the day at Eagle Pines Falconry for a once in a lifetime chance to go behind the scenes with the free flight raptors. This amazing experience is great for anyone who wants to learn more about these incredible sky hunters or for the aspiring Falconer. The Falconry Experience at Eagle Pines Farm will introduce you to Birds of Prey, teach you about their care .
At Eagle Pines, we believe that if falconry is to continue to grow and flourish the general public must be taught, through exposure, about both birds of prey and falconry. Hal Webster, a prominent American falconer says in his latest book, "Falconry, because of the small number of practitioners, will achieve strength and recognition ONLY through strong, central sports groups of dedicated individuals." We believe the more people that understand the true nature of the sport the stronger the sport will be in the long term.

Whether or not you eventually become a falconer, we hope that you will retain a friendly interest in birds of prey, their conservation, and the ancient art and sport of falconry.


Deposit of non refundable $50 required to hold your spot.

Raptor Handling and training course

Designed for Educators and Raptor Handlers.  Come for a fun introduction to different species of hawks, falcons and owls. This course introduces similar topics to classroom presentations, such as human/bird relationship, the predator/prey relationship, raptor conservation, adaptations, natural history and falconry. In addition, participants learn what it takes to care for the birds.  You will learn about enclosure design and equipment for husbandry and training. Our instructors guide you in learning to hold a hawk, how to handle birds in an educational setting, training for flight, how to cast it from your glove and call it back again. You will also learn about current laws and requlations.  This is the foundation for working with a Birds of Prey.

$70 per participant $50 per observer (one per class) Must be 14 or over Limit of 10 people
90 minutes

Hawk Walk
Our Hawk Walk takes your experience into the the field and is is the closest experience to falconry without hunting.. Imagine a hawk dropping 20 feet from a tree or flying a hundred feet and more through the landscape to return to the glove when you call. You will be instructed in field training techniques such as following on and casting the hawk from your glove. There is not a more beautiful setting for the classroom. You will never forget the pleasure of learning how to partner with a trained hawk in her natural environment. 

Price: $130 per participant. Must be 14 or over Limit of 10 people 90 minutes

Falconry Experience: The Sport of Kings!

During this half day, two-part excursion, you will have the rare opportunity to experience the Ancient Art of Falconry, hunting with a bird of prey. Humans have been hunting since the beginning of time, and with raptors for 4000 years. In modern days it is becoming a lost art that is currently undergoing legal threats. In this opportunity of a lifetime, you will be one of the few and the lucky to experience the awesome world of raptors and falconry that in parts of the world is still the sport of kings!

In the morning, you’ll join our Master Falconer at the center for an up-close encounter with different species of hawks, falcons and owls. Discussions on falconry, the human/bird relationship, raptor conservation, adaptations, and natural history are included, followed by an opportunity to handle a bird of prey!

For part two, we will walk out to the field, where you will partake in the flushing of game and observe the thrilling hunting skills of hawk(s) or falcons. You’ll leave amazed and appreciative of falconry, birds of prey and their essential role in the environment.

Our Falconry Experience is a half-day, hands-on encounter with trained birds of prey. After we introduce ourselves, we take you to meet the birds and learn basic field etiquette. We then walk out to a nearby meadow and work with falcons in their different levels of training. Our birds can reach amazing speeds in an aerial demonstration of swiftness and agility. After we return the falcons to their mews, we glove up and take one of our beautiful hawks through the woods of Eagle Pines Farm where you will fly a hawk from your glove and call it back. Our day ends as we put the birds back and take some time to visit with your falconers and the flying team of Eagle Pines Falconry. There are plenty of photo opportunities and time to answer all of your questions. Immerse yourself in the raptor world. A great gift for someone special, including yourself!

$200 per participant Must be 14 or over Limit of 6 people 4-5 hours